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Welcome to my personal website.

Here you'll find photos of various activities I get up to now and then, plus there's some of my own music for you to download.

Please pick a section to visit by using the menu above.

Any feedback is always welcome.

Cheers Matt

I've not been updating my site lately because I've been saving my pictures for my columns in Angling Times and Northern Angler Today.

Latest Updates;

22.11.07 - Added new fish to my pb page
20.02.07 - New Fishing Page 32
25.01.07 - New Fishing Page 31
07.11.06 - New Fishing Page 30
03.09.06 - New Fishing Page 29
21.08.06 - I now have my own page on MySpace -
03.07.06 - New Fishing Page 28
18.05.06 - New Fishing Page 27
01.04.06 - New Fishing Page 26

Matt Brown