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Me on Portland Dad as an ex-hitman Yippie Dad n Portland Bill Mountain Bikers
Er.. Me.
Dad as an ex-hitman
Portland Bill
Mountain Bikers
Dad and I went to see Uncle Giles and Anna at Portland - feb '05

I can hover I can fly like Superman We are sailing Dad Dad Duckosaurus
Dad can hover
Dad as Superman
He is saling, He is sailing etc.
Dad in the snow
Dad as Grizzly Adams' Bear
Various shots from Dinton Pastures Country Park - feb '05

You lookin' at me?
Me at Richmond
Dad as Rommel
Dad as Wallace from Wallace & Grommet
Killer dog!
You lookin' at me?
By the Thames
Dad as Rommel
It's cold
Richmond, by the Thames and in the Park - Feb '05

Like David Attenborough
Uh Oh!
Red Deer Stag with a toupee
Like Bambi
Like David Attenborough
But I've been spotted
A toupee wearing Stag
It's Bambi
Richmond Park - Feb '05