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Whistley Mill River Loddon Chub Better Chub!
Whistley Mill River Loddon Chub 3lb 11oz 4lb 13oz Chub
(23/02/04) The cold snowy weather contined and I managed 3 Chub from 5 small taps on the River Loddon.

St Patrick's Stream St Pats Graham Elliot Brrr Reward
(22/02/04) I fished St Patrick's Stream, The River Loddon and the River Thames with super guide Graham Elliott of Angling Experience.  The venues were stunning but the weather was atrocious with plenty of snow.  Graham caught a Bream and I winkled out a Bream and a small Chub from the Loddon.  St Pats was only 3.9 degrees so the going was hard.  I was good to be out though.

River Lambourne Brown Trout Trotting Grayling
(20/02/04) Had an unplanned trip to the River Lambourne near Newbury and managed around 35 Grayling and a couple of Trout on the Centrepin and stick float.  I also lost a Pike that had a taste for Minnows!   ps. It snowed.

My 132nd Barbel this season and my first double - At Last!
10lb 12oz - River Trent (11/02/05)
2nd best fish of my 10 Barbel catch was this 8lb 6oz sample.
I lost another 4 (11/02/05)  
Adam's biggest fish was this Bream! (11/02/05) But he still managed 10 or 11 Barbel (11/02/05)
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