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Adam 6lb 12oz Around 4lb 6lb 10oz 6lb 13oz
Adam with a 6lb 12oz Barbel Somewhere around 4lb 6lb 10oz 6lb 13oz
(11/03/05) Fished the Don from 5pm until 10.30pm.  I caught 4 Perch to around 8oz on lobworm while it was light and then we fished for Barbel. (10/03/05) Fished the Don from dusk until midnight and landed 5 Barbel and 2 Chub.  I had loads of knocks and missed a couple of good bites.  A very enjoyable session.

Chub Trent Snow on it's way! Brabel 8lb 12oz
Chub of around 3.5lbs Trent dawn Sleet and snow on it's way! A Barbel of 8lb 12oz
(09/03/05) Fished a new stretch of the middle Trent for Barbel but only managed 4 Chub like the one above.  I had 2 come off and had tons on bites - on 12lb line! (05/03/04) Adam and I did an overnighter on the Trent in very cold conditions (air temp less than 1 degree for most of the night) but we managed 2 Barbel each.

River Loddon 5lb 11oz 5lb 6oz 4lb 10oz
River Loddon 5lb 11oz pb. Chub 5lb 6oz Chub 4lb 10oz Chub
(26/02/04) More cold snowy weather and another pb. Chub!  I landed 4 Chub from the 5 bites I had as one got away as the hooklength parted in a snag.  It was so cold I didn't see another angler on the bank all week.

4lb 15oz Chub Graham Elliott Angling Experience My first 5lb plus Chub
4lb 15oz Chub Graham Elliott Angling Experience 5lb 10oz Chub
(24/02/04) Another trip with Graham Elliott and it was once again very hard in the snow.  I had only 3 proper bites all day but these resulted in Chub of 4lb 15oz (equalled my previous pb.) and a new pb of 5lb 10oz.  Graham was even happier than I was!

For those who don't know, Graham Elliott is the main man behind Angling Experience.  Along with Chris Ponsford and Dick Dowing, Angling Experience are set up as fishing guides, specializing in Barbel and Chub fishing, predominantly in the Thames and Severn valley's.

I spent a couple of days with Graham in bitterly cold, snowy conditions and he helped me catch Chub I may well have missed had I been fishing on my own.  The Chub included a new Personal Best.

The tuition will stand you in good stead throughout your fishing life, so the cost works out at such good value.  Not only that but the waters you get to fish are as beautiful and fish filled as it gets.  Many people go again and again because the waters and Grahams's company is such a pleasure.  Have a look around the website.
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