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Askern Clay Pits
Sandersons Pond
Askern Clay Pits
Clay Pits
Clay Pits Sanderson Pond Not quite Tenching weather Look at that plataeau
(10/04/05) Had a few hours on Askern Clay Pits with no bites. (07/4/05) Caught 37 Rudd, Skimmers Roach and Perch on the waggler. (27/03/05) Fished for Tench at Askern Claypits but only caught a tiny Pike on a spinner.  The same fish had a go again later!

Adam in action
Adam with a 15lb 11oz Carp
Bream and Tench

Tyram Fisheries

39lb of Bream, Tench & Carp
  Adam in action 15lb 11oz Bream and Tench The New Lake 39lb Mixed Bag
(25/03/05) I had 5 Bream and 2 Tench for 12lb 2oz plus a small Pike on the spinner.  Adam was on a long stay session and had had 2 Carp so far. (20/03/05) I fished the new Match Lake at Tyram Hall and caught 7 Bream, 5 Tench and 2 Carp for 39lb 0oz

Grayling Tony Rocca trotting a far bank glide Cold, dark and biteless Adam practising for that big one
Look at that dorsal! Tony Rocca on the 'pin. Cold, dark and biteless Adam's hoping!
(14/03/05) Last day of the season on the Wharfe. 
I only managed 5 Grayling
(13/03/05) Blanked on the Don after Barbel.  It was cold and the mat was icing up.  Not really conducive to Barbel fishing.

Bob with w lovely Perch
Bob with a tailwalking Pike
Perch Brace
3lb 13oz
Bob with a great Perch Talkwalking Pike 3lb 13oz
& 1lb 14oz
Monster! 3lb 13oz Perch - Wow!
(12/03/05) Had my first ever real Perch session with Bob Roberts on the Derbyshire Derwent.   Previously my pb. was only around 1.5lb!  I also had one come off and had plenty of aborted runs etc.
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