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Tench from West Haddlesey pb Tench 4lb 14oz 4lb 12oz Tench Tim Ridge Tim
31lb 14oz Bag
4lb 14oz pb Tench 4lb 12oz One of Tim's 5lb'ers Tim
(01/05/05) Spent the morning on West Haddlesey fishing the pole for 9 Tench and 2 Perch. (03/05/05) West Haddlesey. 
Tim fished most of the day and had 18 Tench including 3 over 5lb, plus an Eel. 
I fished from late afternoon and only managed a single Tench.  Oh dear!

Paul with a near 3lb Tench Paul with a nice 1lb 0oz Roach Concentration! Me with a Roach of 1lb 1oz 52lb 14oz
(29/04/05) Paul and I had a trip to Tyram Match lake. Paul managed a few Bream, Tench, Roach and Skimmers. I had 16 Bream, 11 Tench and a few other fish, mainly on the pole for 52lb 14oz.

Bream Underwater rig shots 4lb 12oz Tench Tim Ridge
(22/04/05) Tyram - I forgot my reels, stayed only 2 hours and caught this Bream using Adam's Carp Reel and 12lb line !
I spent more time photographing Adam's rigs
(24/04/05) Had my first trip to West Haddlesey and managed 3 Tench (incl. a joint pb of 4lb 12oz) and 2 Bream.   Tim Ridge joined me later on and caught a few on the float.

Emberton Country Park 4lb 10oz Tench Brrr! Morning Feeding
Day One Tim 4lb 10oz Tench 0.4 degrees! Tim baiting up.
(16-17/04/05) Had a trip to Emberton with Tim Ridge for a Tenchfishers fish in.  The fish didn't want to play and I was lucky to catch just the one, but it was good to meet people and the lake was lovely.
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