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5lb Tench Flower West Haddlesey 4lb Male Tench
(24/05/05) Had a quick evening session on West Haddlesey and caught 2 Tench including the 5lb'er above.  (21/05/05) Had a morning session on West Haddlesey and only caught 2 Tench.  I lost one too.

new pb Tench More hail! 3lb 8oz Roach Bream Hybrid Bream Huge Roach Mike Townsend
new pb Tench of 7lb 3oz More hail again! 3lb 8oz Roach Bream hybrid The Bream Huge Roach Mike
(16/05/05) Had an overnghter on a Norfolk Stillwater with Mike Townsend and we both had some cracking fish.  
Mike had Roach of 2lb 8oz, 2lb 2oz (x2), 1lb 8oz and a 3lb+ Roach Bream Hybrid.  I caught Roach of 2lb 1oz, 2lb 0oz, 1lb 9oz & 2oz (!), 2 Hybrids at 3lb 3oz & 3lb 8oz, 8 Bream to 9lb 0oz, a new pb Tench of 7lb 3oz and 2 Eels!  Phew!

4lb 12oz Tench Rob Parsons Cold! Even Colder! Brr!
(08/05/05) West Haddlesey.  I managed 10 Tench to 4lb 12oz and a Bream in not very Tench like conditions.  Rob Parsons managed a good few too, including two gems of 5lb 4oz each.  When is Spring going to stay Spring like?

West Haddlesey Tench River Wharfe in Summer River Wharfe in Winter Bank End
Not ideal conditions!
Tench In Summer (with extra water) In Winter (at low level) (12/05/05) Had a couple of hours rig testing at Bank End and managed a few small Carp and Bream
(05/05/05) Had a few hours in the evening at West Haddlesey and managed 3 Tench in windy conditions.
Here's a couple of pictures of the River Wharfe at different times of year.  Roll on Summer!
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