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Mill Farm 1lb 8oz Silver Bream Mike Towsend with a 1lb 5oz Silver Bream 1lb 6oz
Mill Farm 1lb 8oz Silver Bream (new pb) Mike - 1lb 5oz Silver Bream 1lb 6oz Silver Bream
(09/06/05/05) Mike Townsend and I fished Mill Farm in Sussex for Silver Bream.  We both managed plenty, plus I had a couple of Tench and a Carp.

Crucian Crucian Carp Rudd Mike's Crucian
2lb 13oz Crucian 2lb 14oz Crucian (new pb) 2lb 1oz Rudd (also new pb) Mike with a 3lb 2oz Crucian
(07/06/05/05) Mike Townsend and I fished a Surrey Stillwater and struggled for bites hot conditions. 
I also managed a Tench, a Carp and about 8 million mini Perch and mini Rudd.

Bob 5lb 2oz Tench Tench Bag Bream Brace
(02/06/05/05) Bob Roberts, Tim Ridge and I had a session at West Haddlesey.  I caught 12 Tench to 5lb 2oz and 4 Bream to 5lb 8oz.

2ns ever fish 8oz Roach 5lb 3oz Tench Tim Ridge Male Tench
(29/05/05) It was the first ever fishing trip for my mate's 6 year old lad and he caught 8 fish!  (Rudd, Roach and a Skimmer).  Well done! (30/05/05) Fished West Haddlesey and had 12 Tench (including fish of 5lb 0oz, 5lb 2oz &
5lb 3oz), 2 Bream and a Rudd.
(05/06/05) Fished Sandersons and had 2 Tench incl. the 4lb 2oz Male shown above and 3 Bream.  Lost loads!
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