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7lb 15oz 9lb 11oz The Monster - 13lb 10oz Adam with an 8lb 10oz Barbel
7lb 15oz Daylight Barbel 9lb 11oz Monster 13lb 10oz Adam's best 8lb 10oz
(16/07/05) Adam and I had an amzing overnight session on the Trent.  I managed 21 Barbel including a massive new personal best pb 13lb 10oz, 10 Bream to 7lb 0oz and an Eel.  Adam had 8 Barbel to 8lb 10oz, 4 Bream and an Eel.  What a night!

Bream No.1 Slippery Eel Adam's double Adam's double 9lb 6oz
Another Bream Slippery Eel! Adam's double - 10lb 4oz My best of the season so far at 9lb 6oz
(09-10/07/05) Lee Swords arranged a Fishing Magic fish in on the Trent at Collingham.  Despite hard going in the hot weather, I managed 7 Barbel to 9lb 6oz, 4 Bream and an Eel and Adam had 3 Barbel, including a lovely fish of 10lb 4oz, plus 4 Eels and a Bream.  A full report should appear on Fishing Magic soon.

4lb 7oz Chub Adam's new pb Chub 7lb 11oz Barbel Adam with an 8lb 8oz Barbel
4lb 7oz Chub Adam's new pb 4lb 4oz Chub 7lb 11oz Barbel Adam with an 8lb 8oz Barbel
(01/07/05) Adam and I did an overnighter on the Trent.  Adam managed 8 Barbel, a new pb Chub and a Bream. 
I had 4 Barbel, 7 Chub (including 4 x 4lb'ers) and a Bream.

Adam with a river Carp Quality Roach Barbel Adam with one of his Chublets 8lb 7oz Barbel
Adam with his surprise Carp Quality Roach on pellet! Another Barbel (02/07/05) Back on the Trent.  I had 4 Barbel to 8lb 7oz & 4 Bream.  Adam had 2 Barbel, 2 Chublets, 2 Eels & 4 Bream.
(29/06/05) Adam, Paul and I had a quick evening session on the Don.  Adam had a Carp at 7lb 2oz and only 1 other knock.  Paul had quite a few knock but was unfortunate to catch nothing.  I had a 1 Barbel, a Roach and 5 Silver Bream - all on pellet.

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