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Trent Boris


Paul with a new pb

7lb 3oz

(12/08/05)Adam and I struggled on the Trent.  I managed 1 Barbel and 2 Bream and Adam had 3 Chub and an Eel.  Lee Swords and Alan Urrity were a few pegs away bagging on Bream 6lb 0oz Paul with his new pb! 7lb 3oz
(15/0805) I fished the Don and only had a single bite which produced this tailess wonder. (16/08/05) Paul and I had a trip to the Trent.   It was hard going but Paul had a new pb at 6lb 8oz!  I only managed a few Perch, Roach and a Bleak! (17/08/05) I fished the Nottinghamshire River and had 2 Barbel including this 7lb 3oz beauty.

8lb 5oz River Don Barbel - Oh Yes!


Trent tributary

A1 Pits

River Don 7lb Barbel

8lb 5oz new river best! Barbel! Lovely! A1 Pits at Sunset 7lb'er
(0708/05) Fished the Don and had two Barbel including my first Don 8lb'er but I lost what I think was a much bigger fish. (11/08/05) A quick trip to a Nottinghamshire river produced 2 Barbel (09/08/05) Mike Townsend and I fished the A1 Pits for Bream.  Mike had 4 and I had 2 all averaging around 7lb plus. (12/08/05) Just a single Barbel from my only bite on the Don

Back she goes Adam in action Rod bender Adam's 5lb 1oz Chub 8lb 13oz Barbel
Back she goes Action! Barbel on! Adam's 5lb 1oz Chub 8lb 13oz Barbel
(05/08/05) Adam and I did an overnighter ona new stretch of the Trent.   I had 13 Barbel to 8lb 13oz, 2 Bream and a Chub and Adam had 7 Barbel to 8lb 11oz and a new pb Chub of 5lb 1oz.  Adam lost loads!

4lb 14oz Chub 7lb 15oz Barbel Another Barbel from teh Don River Don
4lb 14oz Chub 7lb 15oz Barbel 3lb Plus Boris River Don
(30/07/05) An overnighter on the Trent produced 4 Barbel, 6 Chub and a Bream (01/08/05) Only 1 Barbel from the Don but I should have had more. (02/08/05) Went trotting for Barbel and Chub but only caught a few silver fish.
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