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Lee & Bob testing the Stella

My 1st Zander

My 2nd Zander - a new pb!

Motley Crew Lee & Bob testing Stella My 1st ever Zander My 2nd Zander - a new pb!
(02/08/05) DVSG had an overnighter on the Lower Great Ouse in Norfolk.  Lee, Bob, Ron, Andy and I met up with local expert Chris Bishop for a spot of Zander fishing.  The big ones didn't show but most of us caught one or two.

7lb 11oz

7lb 3oz

7lb 9oz Barbel


(28/08/05) A new pb from the Notts river at 7lb 11oz. (30/08/05) Had 2 Barbel to 7lb 3oz from the Notts river. (31/08/05) Had 3 Barbel from the Don to 7lb 9oz.  

9lb 13oz Bream

What will it be?

Mike with a 12lb 2oz Bream

This one went 11lb 14oz

9lb 13oz Bream Wil it be a pb for Mike? 12lb 2oz Bream 11lb 14oz Bream
Mike and I fished a southern stillwater for Bream.  Mike had three including corkers of 12lb 2oz, 11lb 14oz and 9lb 2oz. 
I just missed out on a double with fish of 9lb 15oz and 9lb 13oz!



Paul with a mini Barbel

Mini Barbel

(18/08/05) - Fished the Don and had two Barbel to 6lb 5oz and a Bream. (19/08/05) - Had two more Barbel (to 5lb ish) and a Silver Bream from the Don (27/08/05) Paul and I fished the Don but we only
managed a mini Barbel each.

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