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Cooky's net

Perch On! 2lb 5oz Perch

Trent Perch

Chub time! Cooky's Net Fish On! 2lb 5oz Perch Greedy!
(22/09/05) Cooky and I fished the Don on the Stick Float.  He had a nice bag of Roach, Bleak and Bream and I had a Barbel, a Chub and a few small fish. (24/09/05) Bob and I fished the Derbyshire Derwent and we managed a few Perch between us.  My best ones went 2lb 5oz, 1lb 14oz & 1lb 10oz (25/09/05) Spinning on the Trent produced 4 Perch, a Chub and a Pike

Mike with a 3lb 6oz Crucian

Me with a 3lb plus Crucian

Mike's bag of Crunchies A new pb Crucian - 3lb 8oz

Mike with a bonus 6lb 10oz Tench

Mike with a 3lb plus Crucian Me with a 3lb plus Crucian Mike's bag of Crucians A new pb for me - 3lb 8oz Mike's bonus Tench - 6lb 10oz
(20/09/05) Mike Townsend and I visted Marsh Farm in Surrey.  Mike had 11 Crucians including 4 over the magic 3lb mark with the best going 3lb 6oz.  He also had plenty of cracking Tench too.  I had 15 Crucians with 5 the best 5 going 3lb 8oz, 3lb 4oz, 3lb 3oz, 3lb 2oz and 3lb 1oz plus Tench to 5lb 0oz.




Another River Don Barbel

(30/09/05) Not a massive Perch my any means but this one and another like it made a short trip to the Don great fun. (18/09/05) I had a very enjoyable trip Spinning for Perch on the Don. I had 6 Perch and 6 Pike, but I lost a double figure Pike when a snap link opened and a Perch of around 1lb 8oz as I reached for the net.  Not bad for 3 hours though! (11/09/05) I fished the River Don and caught just the one Barbel.

Paul with a Chub

Rogue Pike

6lb Barbel

7lb 5oz Barbel

(05/09/05) Paul and I fished the Don.  Paul caught a Chub and lost one too.  I managed a 6lb Barbel and a rogue Pike that attached my pellet on the retrieve.  It was hooked fair and square! (06/09/05) I fished the River Don and caught one Barbel of 7lb 5oz and 3 Bream

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