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Adam Spinning

Big old boat

Me with an 8lb plus Barbel

Mike's new pb - 11lb 8oz!
Adam Spinning Big boat! Me with an 8lb plus Barbel Mike's new pb - 11lb 8oz!
Adam and I went spinning on the Stainy Canal and blanked (17/10/05) Mike T rang me and asked if I fancied a trip to the Trent as he wanted to catch a double figure Barbel.  Everything went to plan when the lump above snaffled his hookbait

Bonus Carp / Hybrid

Get off my bait!

10lb 13oz Barbel

Mike with 8lb 6oz Barbel

Carp hybrid thing Meow! 10lb 13oz only my 3rd double Mike with a new pb 8lb 6oz
(12/10/05) Mike T and I fished the middle Trent in an attempt to up his pb.  He did a fine job and landed 5 Barbel and a Bream.  I managed 6 Barbel including the double above and one at 9lb 13oz, plus a hybrid Carp.

Adam as bait! Ron with a 9lb 5oz Barbel Pumpkinseed

Sway Lakes

Sway Lakes
Hook Head! Ron with a 9lb 6oz Barbel Pumkinseed Mike at Dawn Sway
(14/10/05) This was the Fishing Magic Fish In.  There's more pictures and a write up on there. (10/10/05) Mike T and visited Sway Lakes in the New Forest in the hope of catching some large Roach.  Mike sat it out all day on big baits and caught nothing while I was pestered with tiny 49 small Roach and 4 Pumpkinseed.

Nice Roach


Adam with his first 9lb'er 4lb 14oz Chub

8lb 3oz Barbel

1lb 15oz Roach Perch 9lb 9oz 4lb 14oz Chub 8lb 3oz Barbel
(05/10/05) Mike T, Andy and I had a DVSG trip to a Norfolk stillwater.  We caught plenty of small Roach and Eels and the fish above. (04/10/05) Mike Berridge came over to fish the Don but all I caught were Chub and small fish.  I lost a couple of Barbel on single Pinkie!. (01/10/05) Adam and I fished the Trent and suffered greatly from weed dislodging the rigs.  Depite this Adam had 4 Barbel and a Chub while I had 3 Barbel and a Chub.

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