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Tim with a Grayling

River Aire Chub

Brown Trout Grayling - what we had come to catch
Tim with a Grayling A Chub from fast water Brown Trout Invasion A Grayling at last!
(14/01/06) Tim and I headed for the upper River Aire in search of Grayling.  We caught a couple each, plus a few Brown Trout and a Chub between us.

River Don Barbel

River Don Barbel

C hristmas Day Magic! 5lb 12oz Barbel
8lb 4oz River Don Barbel 7lb 4oz River Don Barbel Christmas Day Special! One of the fish thatI didn't lose
(03/01/06) An air temp of 2 degrees made things hard on the Don but I still managed a good Barbel, plus 4 Chub and a Bream. (31/12/05) I Saw in the New Year with an overnighter on the Don and had 5 Barbel to 7lb 4oz (25/12/05) I had a couple of hours on Christmas morning and caught 1 Barbel, 1 Chub, 1 Perch & 1 Dace . (23/12/05) During an overnighter on the Don I had 4 Barbel to 5lb 12oz but I lost two bigger fish.

Landing a Pike

Small Jack Pike

Angler at Sunset

F'In Frosty

Mike on the Hampshire Avon
Pike action! Jack Pike Angler At Sunset F'In Frosty Mike Trotting
(19/11/05) Bob and I went searching all over the Fens trying to find some water that wasn't frozen over and where we might have a chance of a Zander or two.  We failed miserably other than a Jack Pike from the Ramsey 40ft Drain. (05/12/05) Mike and I fished the Hant Avon.  I had 16 Dace to 10oz and Mike had a similar catch.

My first Loddon Barbel

Graham Elliott

2lb 13oz Perch

2lb 2oz Perch

My first Loddon Barbel Graham Elliot with a Loddon Barbel 2lb 13oz Perch 2lb 2oz Perch
(2nd week November 05) I had a week in the Reading area and fished 5 times.  It was hard going due to the sudden drop in temperatures and I managed to blank a few times.  It was good to fish with Graham Elliott of Angling Experience and I did manage my first Loddon Barbel and some fantastic Perch on the Spinner (from the Kennet & Avon Canal.)

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