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1lb 7oz Grayling Bob with a 4lb plus Chub Bob with a nice Trout Trent Chub
(12-13/03/06) Bob and I had a couple of days on the River Wye at Builth Wells.  The fishing was fantastic.  Despite the snow and snowmelt we caught tons of Grayling and Trout and Bob managed a number of Chub over the 4lb mark! (14/03/06) Last day of the season and I had 3 River Trent Chub to 4lb 13oz.


9lb 8oz

7lb 2oz Barbel 6lb plus Barbel  
 A bit choppy! New river pb - 9lb 8oz (07/030/06) I had 4 Barbel from the Don including fish of 7lb 2oz & 7lb 1oz. (08/03/06) I had 2 Don Barbel to 6lb 1oz  
(20/02/06) Martin, Lee, Andy, Trev, Bob and I (of DVSG) all fished a midlands still water but were biteless! (26/02/06) I had 5 Barbel from the Don including fish of 9lb 8oz and 7lb 5oz.  Yippie!  


9.5oz Dace

Selby Three Lakes New pb Pike Roach Rudd Hybrid
Mike 9.5oz Dace The Lake 19lb 9oz Pike 1lb 2oz Roach/Rudd Hybrid
(05/02/06) Mike T and I fished the Hants Avon in the hope of a big Dace or two.  We caught hundreds of small to med sized samples plus, Roach, Chub, Grayling and Brown Trout. (28/01/06) Paul Burkey, Greg Whitehead, Andy Nellist, Paul's mate Rob and I had a Fishing Magic fish in at Selby Three Lakes.  I managed two Pike of 19lb 9oz (new pb) and 13lb 9oz plus about 30 Rudd, Roach and Skimmers.  Despite the cold it was a fun session.

6lb 12oz Barbel

7lb 6oz Barbel

Bib in action The result a 4lb Trent Chub 3lb 10oz Chub
7lb 6oz Barbel 6lb 12oz Barbel (21/01/06) Bob, Trev, Andy and I fished the Trent on a cold day.  Bob had a 4lb Chub, I managed one at 3lb 10oz and Trev had an Eel.
(17/01/06) During a few hours on the Don I managed a couple of Barbel but should have caught more!

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