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> Fishing Magic Trent Fish In July 05
Bream alert! teh Fishing Magic Summer Trent Fish In July 05 Ron with teh first Barbel
The first of 4 Bream Ron in action
Slippery Eel Not a big one though
Slippery Eel Not a monsterbut welcome
Adam with his 2nd double of teh season Lee taking it easy
Adam with his 10lb 4oz Barbel Lee working hard!
Nearly, but not quite - 9lb 6oz Low but still lovely
My best of 7 Barbel - 9lb 6oz Low but lovely
First barbel of Saturday evening Martin with a typical Bream Then promptly catches another! Geoff joins in And Lee too.
First Barbel of Saturday night Martin with a Bream Dicky with one of his Barbel Geoff caught a few too As did Lee

Here's Ron Clay's write up on Fishing Magic