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Trek 8900
Free Agent Eluder Super 8 Free Agent Limo 24
Trek 8900
My current BMX Bike - Free Agent Eluder
My old baby - Santa Cruz Super 8 - What a bike. 2001-2003
My old Free Agent Limo 24 BMX Cruiser

Carbon Trek
My First MTB's Marin Mount Vision Rocky Mountain Edge
Trek OCLV Carbon Pro Issue
My First MTB's - Raleigh Mirage & Alpine Stars Cro Mega DX. 1989 & 1991 (With Gaz North)
1st Batch, 1st Generation Marin Mount Vision 1996
Rocky Mountain Edge 1993

Kona AA
Orange Prestige Marin Wildcat GT STS-DH
Kona AA Custom.  1993'ish.  Even Had Purple Sun Rims On It One Time!
Orange Prestige Custom.  1992.
Marin Wildcat DH Custom.  1999'ish
GT STS-DH.  1998'ish

Rocky Mountain Switch
Trek 1500 Trek Fuel 90 Disc Trek VRX500
Rocky Mountain Switch - 2002
Current Road Bike
Trek 1500 - 2003
Trek Fuel 90 Disc Mountain Bike
Trek VRX 500

Missing In Action (ie. no photos);
  • Raleigh Choppers (x2),
  • Rocky Mountain Element (2nd one in the country 1995 - Will Longden had the 1st and won the DH Nat Champs with it.  He won the Final NPS round on mine 'cause his forks blew.)
  • Peugeot Road Bike
  • Trek 470 Road Bike
  • Trek Carbon OCLV MTB - A Burgundy One
  • Marin Mount Vision (2nd Generation)
  • Marin B17 (1st Generation)
  • Klein Attitude Comp
  • Trek 8500 SHX
  • Gary Fisher Trigger Fish Raw - Alloy Race BMX
  • Plus a few kids bikes (from age 5 onwards)
  • ...and borrowed loads, for testing, for racing, for fun.   I'm sure there's some I've forgotten.